Prof. Alena Kobesova

Neurologist / Physiatrist

Dr. Kobesova is a neurologist and physiatrist at the Rehabilitation Department, University Hospital Motol, School of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Dr. Kobesova is a certified instructor in Manual Medicine in the Czech Republic. She has studied extensively with Professor Karel Lewit, an international authority in manual medicine for more than 5 decades and the founder of the internationally renowned “Prague School of Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation”. In conjunction with Professor Lewit, she has produced a seven-volume instruction video demonstrating “Prague School” therapeutic soft tissue mobilization and relaxation techniques.

Dr. Kobesova is the Assistant Academic Director of the Rehabilitation Clinic, the 2nd Medical School and also the Physiotherapy School, Charles University, Prague. She acts as a Vice-Dean for physiotherapy and nursing study programs and also is a member of Research Council at the 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague. Dr. Kobesova is an instructor of neurology and also of physical/manual medicine and rehabilitation. She also organizes and teaches courses for international groups of clinicians who travel to the Czech Republic to study the “Prague School” methods.

Specializing in the treatment of patients suffering from various neurological disorders, Dr. Kobesova is a member of interdisciplinary team, which cares for patients suffering from hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (HMSN – Charcot Marie Tooth). She has published several clinical articles in the Czech and international journals regarding HMSN, in addition to papers on other topics related to rehabilitation.

Dr. Kobesova successfully completed the Czech Reflex Locomotion Training Course, which covers the theoretical and practical methods of the founder of Reflex Locomotion, the late Professor Vaclav Vojta.

An emerging leader in the field of physical/manual medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Kobesova has instructed physical/manual medicine and rehabilitation courses on four continents, including Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) according to Kolar. The founder of this method, Associate Professor Pavel Kolar, studied with Professor Vojta and bases much of his work on Vojta’s principles.

Dr. Kobesova currently serves as scientific secretary of Czech Society of Myoskeletal Medicine following her appointment in 2008. Dr. Kobesova is a member of editorial board of International Musculoskeletal Medicine Journal. In 2009 Dr. Kobesova accepted an appointment as Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Murdoch University, Australia.

In 2009 Alena Kobesova successfully completed her Ph.D. Her thesis was: “Stability disturbances in patients with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy”.

Dr. Kobesova resides in Prague with her husband and two sons.