MPI Gait Analysis – Assessment and Treatment

6-7 December – Hilversum


MPI Gait Analysis – Assessment and Treatment

For centuries, the art of Gait Analysis has been attempted and used by many clinicians in the healthcare professions. Some pitfalls include the subjectivity of the analysis and confusion as to what is clinically pertinent. When done in a systematic manner, information can be gleaned from a patient’s gait that will lead to treatment ideas, or more specific functional tests. Perhaps clinicians have made this too difficult in the past, and lost sight of the big picture. Manual palpation and procedures are important, but we also must assess how the patient is moving in their sport and in daily activities. This course will feature multiple speakers on various aspects of gait analysis and conservative treatment.

The objective for this weekend course is to update the clinician on:

  • Pertinent biomechanics of the lower extremity
  • How these biomechanics apply to gait
  • How to functionally assess for pronation and supination
  • How to manually assess for pronation and supination with associated adjustments
  • Adjusting and palpation considerations for the hip and pelvis
  • Clinical orthopedics
  • When to use orthotics
  • What shoes to recommend for your patients with different foot types

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Brett Winchester, DC
Brett Winchester, DCChiropractor

Date and Hours

Registration 08:45
…   09:00 – 17:00
…   09:00 – 14:00

Seminar Fees

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€ 495,-


€ 575,-

12 CPD hours

Both days unlimited free coffee, thea, soft drinks and refreshments
Live cooking lunch on Saturday


Hotel Hilversum – de Witte Bergen
Rijksweg 3755 MV Eemnes

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