Treatment of the Warrior Athlete

26/27 November – Hilversum


William E. Morgan, DC



This seminar is intended to prepare the chiropractor to effectively manage extreme athletes and those who engage in rugged occupations. Warrior athletes are those in sports and professions who place extreme demands on their bodies and frequently “play” injured. The ancient Spartans epitomized the concept of the Warrior Athlete. They were warriors who perfected their craft through athletics. While Dr. Morgan places a particular emphasis on crossfitness athletes and special warfare troops, many of the principles taught apply to other athletes, occupations, and to our general patient population.
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Topics covered

– Broadly define the parameters of this course
– Explain who are warrior athletes
– Define the realistic expectations in treating warrior athletes and what makes them different.
– Explain how chiropractic care can influence the outcome of injured warrior athletes.
– Describe how the principles taught in this course be applied to our other patients who have more balanced (rational) lifestyle.
– Anatomy and biomechanics review from a clinician’s perspective
– The importance of passive tissues in athleticism
– Optimizing the mechanism of power transfer
– The risks of exercise machines and training muscles in isolation
– Principles of healthy movement
– Define Cross-fitness
– The benefits of crossfit workouts
– The perils of crossfit workouts
– Comparing benefits and risks
– Metabolic workouts versus strength workouts, or cardiovascular workouts
– Functional exercises
– Dangerous crossfit exercises
– Exercises with little benefit
– Anatomy
– Kinematics of the foot
– Gait basics
– Evaluation of motion patterns
– Chiropractic adjustments and management of correcting dysfunction
– Lab
– The importance of squatting motions in all aspects of life from athletics to geriatrics
– Evaluating squatting motions
– Using apps and mobile devices for analyzing the squat
– The Hip Hinge
– Corrective measures
– Lab evaluation of squatting motions of attendees
– Lumbar Anatomy on MRI
– Gallery of lumbar disc herniations on MRI
– Stenosis and lumbar disc herniations
– Vertebral body bony edema associated with disc derangements
– Spondylolisthesis
– Chiropractic treatment
– Excercise
– Define and identify the muscles of the core
– Explore the science of a reactive protective core
– Scientific basis for increasing reactive core tone through chiropractic adjustments
– Using imagery to identify core dysfunction and atrophy
– Prescribing exercises to enhance the core and protect the spine from injury
– Lab

Review of Material from the first 8 hours (day one)

– What happens in a crossfitness gym
– What are the real benefits to this type of training
– The psychology of the tribe
– Exercises to avoid
– Working with fitness instructors to maximize fitness and minimize risk
– Severe orthopedic injury
– Treating patients with amputations
– Adaptive sports
– Safety concerns with manual treatment
– Provocation testing in chiropractic adjusting/adjusting in a non provocative line of drive
– Upper extremity adjusting: hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, scapula-thoracic
– Spinal adjusting
– Sacroiliac adjustments strain-counter strain
– Complete class with a synopsis of the topics covered
– Concluding remarks
– Questions and answers
– Completion of survey

This seminar breaks through the confusion and noise surrounding the treatment of crossfitness athletes and others who operate their bodies on the extreme levels of performance. It will provide attendees the tools they need to understand how to treat injuries and to maximize performance.

Dr. Morgan will teach how to analyze exercises and motion patterns and provide corrective chiropractic treatment to help warrior athletes attain elite levels of fitness without injury. Chiropractic evaluation, adjusting, and myofascial treatment will be included in this seminar. This hard-hitting

seminar will take the very real and positive benefits of diverse multimodal fitness programs and temper them with the clinical knowledge to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.

Date and Hours

Registration 08:45
26 Nov   09:00 – 17:00
27 Nov   09:00 – 14:00

Seminar Fees

€ 495,-

12 CPD hours

Both days unlimited free coffee, thea, soft drinks and refreshments
Live cooking lunch on Saturday


Hotel Hilversum – de Witte Bergen
Rijksweg 23755 MV Eemnes

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